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Originally posted by jw-260E

Making my 200,000 odo'd car rev up near the red line makes me nervous. Also, bouncing off the rev limiter in 2nd, at a hair under 55. Is this bad? :-) (only did it once)
If the engine is in good condition, you have nothing to worry about. Catastrophic failures in modern engines are almost unheard of, and all that I have looked at appeared to be started by an oiling failure, such as jazzing the car around with insufficient oil level, which starved a bearing causing it to seize and the resulting bending load on the rod caused the rod to break. The message here is to keep your oil level up and NOT wait until the low oil level light illuminates.

The sweet spot in the 2.6 power curve is 5000 to the rev limiter which hits at about 6650. I'm not saying you should regularly rev it up near the limit, but when you really need the performance, don't hesistat to use the full operating range of the engine. Unless you hold it in low it will shift to third before the limiter.

Hitting the rev limiter will cause no harm, but it will stop acceleration, so you need to upshift before you hit it. The rev limiter is there to protect the bottom end and valvetrain from possible damaging stresses that could occur from overreving, and the limiter is easy to hit in the 2.6 because the power does not rolloff very fast and it really wants to rev higher.

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