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Techs, you've been doing a great job for us and we ALL thank you.
My recent dilemma is the choice to rid my backside of some great pain...unload my 92 300SE! I've had it detailed and parked in a busy location under three street lights. This past Sat. night vandals decided to use my low mileage (54k) black car for target practice. All left side windows, rear window,
l.tail lens and outside mirror were hit. Also five shots to the body. Could've been worse but still $3500 damage.
Question, is the rear window laminated or safety plate as it didn't shatter but looks like a rock chip? It's in a corner so I'll be trying a drill/resin patch to keep it from spreading. It can be drilled if laminated, but not if plate.
The pain is easing as I now have a deposit and can't wait to sign the title over on this lemon, jinxed lemon!

Tobias MB
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