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Just take off the air cleaner. The microswitch is on the linkage, and the TPS is at the end of the throttle valve shaft under the airflow meter. Follow the TPS pigtail up to the connector in the harness channel along the top of the manifold, disconnect it and figure out which of the leads is ground, WOT, and idle, then run continuity checks to ensure that the TPS is giving the idle and WOT signals. The microswitch function is obvious, It's either on or off and should be different at idle than when the throttle is opened a little bit.

I have no idea of your level of mechanical aptitude or experience, but if you've ever used a multimeter to run continutity checks and small tools to do minor disassembly and assembly like fixing a small appliance you can do this job without a manual or pictures. It's pretty obvious when you take off the air cleaner and look at the linkage.

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