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Originally posted by mbtjc

Also I go to college and don't exactly want to be lugging this extra piece of equipment around.

I don't doubt that the Topsider works just fine and the ones that have it love it. Nothing wrong with that. But for me at this time, draining is better

Not to harp on this, and if you're happy with the gravity drain method. by all means keep doing it, but if you're already lugging around a drain pan (which you have to clean out after you change your oil), it would actually seem to me to be no more equipment to lug around. The receptacle that comes with a Topsider is a 2-gal. round gas can, and doubles as both the draining receptacle and the transporting vessel. 2 for one; can't beat that! Can also be used to drain excess tranny fluid, brake fluid, and PS fluid. Actually 5 for one!
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