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190e Front Brake Noize!

There is a constant swishing noise coming from the front left wheel.

It sounds like there is a bit of contact between a pad and the disc when the wheel is rotating.It is not loud and follows the speed of the car, kind of like a rotating metallic kinda sound.

When I hit the brakes, sound diminishes.

I thought the pads were worn and that the sensors were shot (coz NO brake pad warning on dash).

Just lifted the car a couple of minutes ago.

Did the 3/9 o'clock and 6/12 o'clock tests at the same time and no play.

Rotated the front left wheel and could hear a soft swishing sound coming from the caliper area.

So I take the wheel off and check the pads.The pads have about 75% left (took the dimensions of a new pad).Btw, they are Jurids.
So I guess the sensors are still OK.

Rotated the disc (just came back from a 45 min drive and double checked that the left front wheel was not hotter than the rest - so definitely not dragging a caliper) and could hear the swishing sound - very soft coz the weight of the wheel is gone.

Looking into the caliper, it looks like the inner pad may be the culprit, looks like it's resting slightly against the rotor but I'm not sure.But rotor was rotated, measured and checked.No warping and within spec.

So it seems something like a dragging caliper problem-just not serious YET.

I remember on my Daewoo, I had a similar problem - same symptoms.It turned out to be a rubber kind of bushing that was supposed to push the caliper back in place when the brakes are not pressed (???).

Is it the same kind of problem?
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