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W210 Headlight Bulb Replacement

Had to replace the low beam Headlight bulb on my 98 E300D. The instructions seems simple enough. However, I had a hell of a time doing it. The problem is there is very little room behind the right front (passenger side) headlight. I did remove the cover to the intake air filter housing to get more room, but it was still not enough. Essentially all the work was done with my left hand, working almost by feel -could not get more than one hand in the space at the same time; and could not see much once a hand is in the space. I am surprised I got it done.

There must be a better way. Should I have removed more items to create more working room? Going to rest my sore back and to take care of those scratches on my hands now

98 E300D
89 300SE
84 300SD sold
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