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just putting this out there because not everybody knows this but if your vise grips aren't holding the part they aren't tight enough.

the secret is to get them as tight as you can and clamp them on.....then take another set of vise grips on the turning knob (or some have a Allen key slot in the knob), and turn it so it get as tight as you can.....
i've actually broken a set because i went too far but that is how to get them so they don't turn on the part.

Originally Posted by sokoloff View Post
Thanks for the quick replies guys. No go with pliers, vise grips and penetrant. The pliers and vise grips are just scraping away at the piece as you might be able to see from the photo. I'll keep trying, but I'm almost thinking that I've got to straighten opposite sides so I can get a wrench on it, but I sure hate to go that far.

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