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Richard Ney
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I like to say that as you can see, all the responses are from the USA/ Here we are dealing under different set of rules / You guys there are more sofisticated speaking and mentaly by nature or by geografic circunstances who knows / By saying that, with all respect, it is very possible that they really F***up your machine and by the tone of voice they seem to sound very casual or "Englishly" ...if that's a word /
If some one in USA would end up having a problem like yours, oh boy here would not be enough lawyers to eat them alive!!! / But again, there in the UK, is normal to have a tremendous car accident on wich you may loose 40% percent of you automovil and end up shaking hands by the other motorist negligence... saying F***Off have a nice day. So in my opinion here it is.../ Just take it for what its worth. sorry for my spellings.
I only speak other four lenguages but some times here is not enough. good luck.
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