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Let me see where I am...

1 Struts pass "bounce" test, but i could be wrong...
2 I will check the strut mounts in the morning.If they are bad, would that result in a rough ride over bumps even if the struts are "OK"?
3 Wheels are 15" with 195/65/15s so I guess the ride should be even smoother...but it's not compared to my kid bro's 190e with 205/55/15s so somethin's definitely brewin'...Tires are 29psi on the fronts and 32 on the rears.

I like your suggestion - wool cap and stuff!!!

But the ride IS bumpy coz when i go over speed strips (the thermoplastic painted ones), it's like i'm riding over them on a skateboard - EXTREMESPORTS!!!

Would worn (???) bump stops contribute to this symptoms as well?If worn strut mounts or bump stops with OK shocks result in a bumpy ride, then they would be my guess.

If so, DIYer?
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