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About the MOTORVAC. If your car idles fine with no hesitation on grades or acelleration, don't waste your money. It's kinda like tunning your car every 15,000 miles. In the days of leaded gas, ignition points, and poor engine design before computers, tune ups were necessary. Today with lead free fuel, plugs don't foul and there are no points to change dwell and timing. Cars built in the last decade have non adjustable distributors, and many don't even have distributors. The only tune up I would recommend is a vacuum tune. Check for and correct any vacuum leaks. Getting back to the MOTORVAC, a friend of mine has the system in his shop, and he only sells the routine to poor running CIS cars. It is like running a dialysis on a car. He says that after about 15 minutes you can hear the engine smooth out and start idling quieter than a mouse peeing on cotton. I hope this info helps.

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