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The place I took it to is a Mercedes main dealer. It is one of the biggest dealers in the country. I have just faxed them explaining the problem, and asking them what they are going to do about it.
I love my car, and i'm going to make sure they take the car off me and I get it back in a better condition than I have ever seen it in.

The same thing happend to my dad. He has a W140 500. He took his car in when the a/c went. He recieved a 2500 bill, and also minor scratches on the exterior and a filthy interior. When we complained they took the car back and cleaned it amazingly getting the all the scratches out, and they threw in some new carpets.

I didn't think the same thing could happen again, but hey!

I agree with the comments made concerning the english way of dealing with problems, and it really irritates me.
I'm sure they did a poor job with my car because it's not a brand new S500.


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