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You can see that the middle section of the air intake arm can be see that section which is black foam? it is bendable, so you can disconnect both ends of that section, and place it aside...then you can just slide up the black panel to which the air intake arm was connected behind the headlight...this should give you a pretty clear view of the corner...there is a plug connected to the bulb in the corner which you can simply remove...then you will have to depress the tab on the inner side of the corner, and slide it out...then, you just have to turn the bulb assembly, and take the assemply out of the old corner, and put it back into the new corner...and reverse the process...a bit of soap and water around the weatherstrip on the new corner may help slide it in easier...while the corner is out, wiping the cavity where the corner fit with a wet towel is always good...
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