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stuck clutch pressure plate

I ahave removed the transmission from my pontos in order to replace the worn-out clutch. The pressure plate is supposed to back out when you slowly loosen the bolts around the perimeter of the pressure plate. I loosened gradually all these bolts to the point where they were very loose, but the pressure plate did not back out. It is stuck in place, to the flywheel in some fashion. Note I have a "deep dish" type of flywheel and a flat pressure plate. It must be stuck by some combination of rust and corrosion. There is no obvious plethora of rust and corrosion viewed externally.

I plan to wire brush all around the perimeter where thye pressure plate snugs into the fluwheel dish. Then pleanty of penetrant and moderate hammer tapping all over.

If that doesn't work, what do I do? Thanks.
1959 M-B 220S cabriolet
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