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Originally posted by Duke2.6
In production the early 2.6s have front end sheet metal that is 3mm longer than the fours, and you can verify this by looking at the front overhang spec and overall length. This fooled a lot of body shops!

Circa 1990/91 the longer front end became standard for all 201s.
amazing piece of trivia! - thanks Duke.

Looking at Carpoint verifies this - you can see the difference in overall length between a 1988 2.3 and 2.6.

the 1989 201s had the longer frontends as well.

this is useful to know, when trying to source fenders from the scrapyard.

it's also interesting to show your engine to people who don't know about the 190e2.6. When the hood is closed, they have an idea in their mind of the size of the engine, based on the size of the hood. When you open the hood, they are surprised by the size of the engine. I was - when I bought the car.

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