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140 rear end

The each of rear shocks have hose that go to "accumulators" or spheres. This is sort of a ball that has a diaphram inside one side is pressurized with nitrogen the other side is fed with hydraulic oil from a pump on the engine and contolled by a valve attached to the rear end sway bar. If the car is loaded it is pressurized, and the reverse if it is unloaded. These things go for about $100 each , and will give you a little oil bath as you open the fittings, they are straight forward bolt in. I paid a local foreign repair shop 2hrs ($120) to forgo the bath, he had to change his shirt also and dropped the exhaust hanger to make it an easier replacement.
Can you do it, yes, do you want to? you have to get it up in the air, ramps maybe!
I think your 600 has ADS which provides two levels of supension setting, comfort or sport check your switch. If the system fails it will go to the firmest setting, you should have a warning lamp, if it did

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