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I agree with you about changeing the oil often and being able to check things out while under the car while doing the oil change. I have found that the inspection time is very helpful in finding problems and potential problems if left undedected until too late to fix. I have been crawling under cars to fix them most of my life. Got that from my dad who was a mechanic for over 47 years.

I never heard of removing the oil from the top until I joined this site. I was intrigued by the Topsider discussions and decided to buy one since I bought my wife a '97 W140 with the oil filter above unlike all the other cars that I have serviced over the years. Yes, first time MB owner and never even worked on one before. I got to say that the W140 is a sweet car to drive. I can't wait to get one for myself.

Well, I used the Topsider on my Accord before I removed the pan to change the gasket and I was suprised to see how much oil it took out. I still needed the standard oil drain device to catch the oil from the filter. Bottom line is the Topsider worked well and I can see the convenience of it. I will be using it on the MB but not the RB. I will still be crawling under the MB every chance I get to check things out. Better to have preventative maintanance than to have extreme expenses when it could have been prevented.

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