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MY 50,000 mile '96 C36 AMG just got another fill of 10/30 mobil one here in hot Houston. My car is ALOT quieter w/ the fresh oil on start up. It was rattling for about 5 seconds on power up w/ the 6,500 mile oil in it? I am guessing that the oil is loosing its polymer qualities based on the sounds going away w/ the fresh oil?? Should I run the 15/50 also?? I might go ahead & goto the thicker Mobil one stuff like SOON?? My car was starting to sound like the Diesel that the motor is based on!

I have watched this post grow to 5 pages so far & I am now running 15/50 Mobile One this time around and probably for now on. It gets up to 105deg here in Houston & I know the 'hot' turbo cars usually run 15/50. t rarely freezes in Houston.

Amazing the opinions about this subject??
Kinda like religion, everybody has thier own faith, takes it extremely seriously & nobody really knows the truth!!!!!
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