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I just replaced mine on my 2.6. The engine is probably very similar. The manual shows removal of many components before the water pump comes out, however, I removed the air filter assembly, fan and belt, wp hoses and wp pulley. Drained coolant. Two of the wp bolts are pretty easy to get out. The other two are more difficult. No special tools except a very small 13mm rachet with a universal joint, two small extentions and for one of the bolts I used a universal joint between the extentions as well. It did not look very practical and it took several attempts to get the rachet fished up on to the bolt ...but it worked. I had to remove the two bolts that hold the front engine lift bracket and move it aside (while still attached to the tentioner shock) to have enough room to wiggle the wp out. You will need two new O rings - one between the pump and block and one for the metal hose inserted in the side of the pump. I did not use any sealant. I think I torqued the wp bolts to 25nm when I installed the new one.
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