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Thumbs up Temp doesnt appear until...

5 or 10 minutes into the running of the car. I havent used the block heater yet, as I discovered teh cord a week ago. I am quite wary of driving normally in my part of the country with a cold engine, as it is quite hilly here in the Ozarks.

I had one car that became quite pissy if I didnt give it at least 5 minutes to warm in a month that contained an 'R'.

Anyway, thanks for all the good advice {cough}Castrol GTX{cough}{cough}.

Originally posted by haasman

It is my understanding that "giving the engine 5-10 minutes to warm up" is not a good idea. You should let it run for 30 seconds max and then drive off. Once temperature appears on your temp gauge then drive normally.

An idling engine does not warm the same way as an engine that has some RPM and load does.

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