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I have a 1983 380 sel...

and I love it. Just dont rip the mufflers off of it on a dirt road, and you will be happy as a clam. Here in NW Arkansas, I paid $3888, and everything worked at the time. It was in pristene condition, as everyone who had owned it had MD or PhD in their name . $2500 is a steal. Go to and price it there. Then go to their antique section. Mine lists for $4-7k regular and $13-17k in their antique section, @ 197k miles.

Things to watch out for:

A/C dying. Mine did, but its an electrical prob, and the compressor is peachy for now (crosses fingers).

Back glass. ALL w126's have a prob with it, where it separates and forms a white cloud between the layers. The rear defrost dies in those areas, and one day the entire glass will shatter when the separation gets bad enough.

Rheostat (light dimmer for guages) kinda gets touchy. Mine will have to be adjusted Juuuuussst right to work correctly when I reset the tripometer.

BTW, dont pay attention to the "slow off the line" stuff. A week after I bought it, I left this 97 Honda Accord 4-door eating my dust and only got halfway through 2nd gear (someone pulled out infront of me. Bastard.) I was only taking it to 4000rpm, instead of its 5500 redline, which is almost recommended depending on what forums you read.

If you dont get it, let the forum know. I might even want it for parts.

Happy Benzing.
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