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Peter Janicki
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Originally posted by 400E
Welcome, Peter! Many of us (me included) have learned much of what we now know about MBs from sites like this.

What Arthur is subtly trying to tell you (not that he needs me to translate!) is to start off by searching the site. There are MANY, MANY posts on this subject, which is to say that many of us have had problems with our auxilliary fans. Fortunately, it's a simple system to diagnose and fix.

Search on "aux fans" and you'll learn a lot. Wouldn't be surprised to see some very cogent posts by Mr. Dalton (and a few by me).
LOL, thank you very much... I actually did a search before posting (maybe there should be check mark field-search conducted before posting...) Maybe I was not thinking straight since I am still high on gasoline fumes from a little stint under the car yesterday replacing a holy fuel feedline... LOL... Nevertheless, I already fixed my problem by replacing the fuse (it did not look blown but it was...)... I am not that dumb when it comes to working on cars but this Mercedes gets me for 2 reasons: I bought it for my ex and the only time I get around it is to work on it or service it... and the other reason is that the car is overbuilt way worse than my 90 944 cabrio... LOL, everything is a major chore trying to take anything apart... Anyway, all is well and I do not have to deal with it (for now...)... Thanks again...
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