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everybody told me that i couldnt put bilstein sports on my 16v without changing the springs, i had to buy bilstein HDs for a 2.3 and they wuld do the job, id like to put the oem strutz but i cant find the sachs boge part number.

glen what should i get, sports are for lowered cars and mine is stock, HDs should do the job, ITGB from 190 rev has them up front on his 16v and he says they work great but he has eibachs, so i dont know, look i live in south ameria and bilsteins sports or HDs cost me 400 bucks shipped only the front ones so i cant go wrong with what i buy, i also cannot go wron with the problem, how can i tell for sure whats wrong with the car, everything points at the shocks, this is the problem:
the drivers side is a little lower than the passengers and whrn driving the car i have to fight the steering wheel, and if i lean on the passenger side of the car and let it go itll come back up to its original position but on the driver side if i lean itll only move like a little bit itl like its just stuck in its position and if i lift the driver side of the car and then push it down it wont go back up it just stays there, i guess it has to be the shock right?
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