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Rebuilding the calipers? Are you sure they need rebuilding? Often pushing the pucks back into the calipers lubes them.

The best analogy I have heard to this is a parachute packing: Yes, most anyone can figure out how to do it .... thatís not the point. The point is who would you trust to do it?

For me, I will not do it again. Yes they came out successfully but I was terrified they wouldn't for weeks afterwards. (This was on the 911) .....

It isn't hard to do but you need to understand how and what you are doing. For an example: No sharp/metal tools what so ever, if your caliper pucks have a specific orientation, you must find how to attain it.

Best additional advice is to not split the caliper halves (if pertinent).

Finally, carefully inspect the pucks for ANY wear, pitting or corrosion what so ever .... if found trade 'em in for rebuilt ones.

The obvious point here is these are the only things between stopping you and your loved ones or disaster.

Be sure you completely understand before doing it. If in doubt, don't. Rebuilt ones are actually not that expensive.

Let us know what you decide .....
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