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Well, utilizing the W123 cd-rom, I attempted to pull my dash to troubleshoot my A/C center vent problem. The procedure was pretty straight forward until I got to the part where it told me to remove the "combination instrument". It gave me a procedure number. When I went to the procedure number, it was instructing me how to remove the combination switch. As far as I see, the combo switch wasnt even in the way. Also it never instructed me to remove the instrument cluster. To top it off, it didnt mention anything about two metal clips that hold the dash into the top of the center console. to make a long story short, I got very frustrated with the whole thing after getting the dash 3/4 of the way out. I could see the actuator that was most likely my problem, and I could also see the vacuum manifold behind the climate control module. But, alas, thats all I could do....look at them. I couldnt get the dash out far enough, because of the metal clips holding it together with the center console, to do any significant testing or replacing of these components. I was so frustrated with the MB cd that I just put everything back together and hoped like hell that everything was still working okay (the P.O. had an alarm system installed and the wires were all over the under dash area, I was afraid my alarm would be going off for no reason). Maybe I will give it the ol' college try again some day.

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