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strange experience with bad engine mounts

My 82' 240d does a serious jig when I shut her down, however, I can't say it is rough at idle. Engine mounts would certainly be on my list of "future projects" if I was sure they were original. Engine was rebuilt by PO, (replacement parts list is in German)

Quick story: I was driving my 72' 250 and hit a speed bump in a parking lot, (I was in a rush that day).

Next thing I knew my radiator was leaking.

Turned out, my engine mounts were so soft, the entire engine must have pivoted so hard when I hit that speed bump, that the fan blades actually made contact with the radiator and tore a few of the rows apart. had to get new radiator (and mounts)

Thinking back about that incident, I think I will add them to my list (incl. trans.mts)

Is the job difficult?
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