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AC Repair for people like me...

Well, wouldn't you know it? It finally gets hot enough to need AC, and mine doesn't work. I got it switched over to R134a last year, and it worked great last summer. I guess (hope?) that the system just has a slow leak.

So, here's the problem: I'm up here in Walla Walla, Washington (I go to Whitman College here, graduating this weekend) and i live in NorCal. I want the AC to work on the (long, hot) drive home.

I don't know enough about AC to mess with it, and don't have any of the appropriate tools, and all the people I know are college students.

I guess what I'm asking is, does anybody have a shop to recommend. Alternatively, what about taking my chances with Pep Boys or some such? (Have them test the system, see if it holds pressure, and if it does get it recharged.)
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