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W124 climate control slow to respond

The climate control in my '87 TD is acting real funny. After pushing a button, the system takes 15 seconds or more to catch up. Yesterday I selected "ec" and nothing at all was happening. I had the fan speed on Auto but no air was coming out, so I switched to High and nothing. I hit the defrofter button and it took about 15 seconds for it to respond. Then I hit the ec button again, and the defroster didn't stop. I hit the off button and it took 10 seconds or so to actually stop. Also at times the system will blow hot air when I have a cool temp. selected. I pushed the A/C button and the A/C compressor did not come on. I am highly suspecting the climate control panel is messed up. Any ideas on this would be appreciated. Also, all this is happening with the car warmed up.
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