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Well, i have just come back up from the garage and as ILUVMILS suggested I removed the radiator support and by slighlty lifting the radiator and condenser I was able to get the 8mm hex into the fan clutch. Once I did this, before loosening anything else I looked at the space in front of the pulleys as I also have to replace the tensioner and shock. Well, I am palnning to just remove the radiator as it will just make things easier and the coolant is over two years old. If I was just changing the belt...I would recommend the radiator lift method. On another note I was at my mechanics shop last week (getting the ac recharged) and there was an Audi A4 sitting on the lift and it was a sight to see. The front had nothing attached, no bumper, no grille, no headlights, no radiator/condenser, and no radiator core support. All you saw was the front of the engine. No part of the front support structure was there. Here is the most shocking was there to change a timing belt Not a failed belt but a maintenance belt change. So I guess things can be worse...I could have an Audi BTW it was a 1.8T motor but my mechanic said the V6 wasn't any better.
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