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That was very helpful Greg in Oz. I looked at the part numbers on both of the wheels and here is what I found. My original non-chrome 1990 300E wheels are 124.401.7.02 and the chrome wheels are 126.400.41.02. If I am right, these wheels that I won off of e-bay are from a W126 S-class, NOT a W124 E-class. Now, I have a few choices here....I can either sell these right back on e-bay with the correct model number info along with it (the more time-consuming and annoying option), or I can try to make them fit on my car. My question is, is this a good idea or even a possible option??? I put two of the chrome wheels on my car on one side and the only difference from the originals is that they stick out 1" further than the non-chrome ones because of the differing off-set. I'd also have to get longer lug-bolts. I'd appreciate the feedback on your guys' thoughts. Thanks -- Mike
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