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'95 C280 went in for 30K service. Came back
with a sublime tumble while idling in
drive and neutral. New spark plugs.
Mechanic said he 'scoped' a wire
going bad but did not change the set
until I would tell him when problem got worse.
So, now (1 month later) the engine idles with
a more pronounced single intervaled
tumble (misfire?).
I wonder if mechanic may have pulled wire
to a spark plug and damaged wire ?
Benzmac archive states that MBZ plug wire
are good quality and the metal ends can be
changed. I don't feel its right to
spend another $200 for new wire set
and labor.
I wonder if the spark plug gap is
correct. Could this be the cause?
I want to check it before giving it back to mechanic. It idled fine before
the 30k service and after, it didn't.
Ideas? comments?
Thank you.
p.s. not dealer but indep. MBZ shop

1979 300D
133K miles
1989 300SE
1995 C280
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