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Citric Acid - Leave in car for How Long?

1989 300SE - M103 - 136,000 miles

Cooling flush with MB Citric Acid:

1) How much of the bottle (500 grams?) should be used for the M103 Motor in a W126 ?

2) How long should this flush remain in the motor (by days or hours or driving time) ?

3) How many times should the system be flushed out with clean water?

I don't have any practical way to undo all the drain plugs and will have the mechanics drain the system through the right lower radiator hose. It's a lot easier for me to have them do it several times (flush, refill with water, drive for a day) than to get them to open other drain passages in the block.

Thank for your comments and help!
Michael Stoic

1979 450SLC
1989 300SE
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