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I don't consider a static "bounce test" to have much value, but there is a road not far from my house that has some drainage channels running across. You have to slow quite a bit from the 35 MPH speed limit to traverse them or the body will rebound nearly to the stops on most cars.

This road is what I use to test shocks and set up the rebound damping on adjustables.

The unequal response on these dips at the front end of the CV is what led me to investigate the RF shock, and the Spax are set up to keep the front and rear from rebounding past normal ride height, which is very stiff, but I use the CV for fun driving and race track hot lapping.

My 201/2.6 can traverse this section faster than any of my other cars or most production cars without discomfort due to its combination of soft springs, generous suspension travel and well matched damping, which is what makes Mercs such great touring cars. They can handle virtually any road real world road gracefully, but it's a little too soft for Willow Springs.

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