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They don't tell you they change the egr .. they just do it per Benz and the recall...[ ooops..i mean Campaign..]
You would think they would notify all owners , but they just change them as they come in for service..they do that on a lot of stuff....

The part # is the same ... it is the date code they look at.
That is why they put the RED dot on the ones that have been changed..[ but that does not mean anything if the dealer doesn't mark them for the next guy.]

The date code spec. states "94T174 or later need not be changed"

On yours, the early design was on cars From chassis 1C-130329 thru 1C-171168

If you want a copy of the "Campaign", send me an email and I will jpg it to you ...

Guess that "Campaign" sounds better than Recall.....cuz Benz never has any of them ..just ask someone w/harness issues..
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