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phil green
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Originally posted by MoTheMerc:
Another slight puzzler to me, as my '87 190E is my first car to be fitted with PAS, is that on full lock, I get a judder/vibration feeling at the steering wheel, and a sometimes quite loud noise which is hard to describe - but the car's clearly letting me know it doesn't like it! My Haynes manual says full lock strains the PAS system, but doesn't mention this noise or shudders - is it normal or do I need to get worried about it (car's been like it since I bought it over a year ago)

Appreciate your help!

reguarding your judder when on full lock,I have found that this is sometimes caused by the linkage at the end of the steering rack touching the exhaust downpipe.this is especially likely if a non merc downpipe has been can attempt to reposition the downpipe to stop the problem. hope this helps. phil

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