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Worn idler arm bushes are known "thumpers" from experience.

So are worn ball joints.

You could raise the front left side of the car, hold and shake the wheel at 3 o'clock/9 o'clock as well as 6 o'clock/12 o'clock and check for excessive play.

Then you would know whether to look at steering/suspension/ball joints etc.

I would at the same time look at the steering damper, drag link and tie rod ends as these are really cheap stuff!

The sway bar bushings are also really cheap.

A couple of days ago, I jacked up the car and removed the front left wheel to check the pads/rotors.It's amazing at the number of other things you can check like the struts, ball joints, steering stuff, etc.

Picked up a lot of tips from this forum which helped me in my checks.I did the same checks for the right side as well.

Do a check yourself before you get your balljoints/idler bushes done.If you can pick up any other faults, you will probably save quite a bit on the labor by clearing them at one go.

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