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Talking Evap Sensor was the Problem


Thanks for your post....I was just out working on my 300e....My problem was the Evap Sensor (B10/6)....I was reading an open, so I took the sensor out and it ck'ed good and so did the wire...I don't know why or what I did to correct the problem I can only guess that the wire was pinched when the lower dash assembly was re-installed after I had the ingition switch replaced an couple of months was still winter and I didn't need the A/C..and therfore didn't notice the problem til it got hot here in the Sacramento Valley....I still don't understand why I was having problems w/ the reading on the Temperature Sensor (B13)...I think the green wire from the PBC unit goes to the instructment panel first and then to the sensor in the block....But to make a long story short I reconnected the PBC unit and my compressor kicked right in and started blowing cold air.....Yeah!!!!!!!!....

I don't know about 560'S but the 2 and 1 you are talking about sounds like the S25/5 switch..I think that deals w/ the engine temperature getting too high and the N6 control unit will cut out the compressor til the engine temp drops to a certain level...I couldn't quite tell from your posting if you had solved your problem..I hope so....

It would be nice to have another source of info that explains the theory a little better...especially on the Climate Control.....I have the CD for the 124, Alldata thru the internet and the M/B E-Class Owner's Bible fron Bentley press...Each one has some thing in it the others doesn't...But still it would be nice to have a source that explained all the characters and the plot of the story...

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