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The Brake Squeak can be a Pain to stop but it can be done.As Its a Vibration from the Brake Caliper Piston to the back side of the brake pad..a Chatter
1 What shape are the Brake rotors in...Smooth? NO Edges?
No Hot Spots.No Runout.No Discoloration.
2 The Pads Must be a Good Quality pad..Name Brand!
3 Install a Metal shim on the Back Side of the Brake pad..(The Metal Side) The Factory uses them for a Reason!They Work
4 Use a Good Brake paste or anti squeak on the back side of the pads..Mercedes uses it for a reason..It Works

If You Follow the above you should Not have any brake Squeak
I Dont have any on my Mercedes with Stock pads and with Porterfield pads Both cars..No Squeak
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