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Haynes recently updated their chassis and motor manual to include the later models and I believe the 2.6L, so it covers the gas models excecpt for the 16 valve. It's a good reference to have. There are CD based shop manuals on E-Bay for the W201 chassis, pretty much every day of the week.

Don't skimp on changing the oil on our little guys, those valve seals love being soaked nice and fat. Changing oil frequently is made easier in the Benz since the filter is top mounted and you can use a topsider to suck the oil from the dipstick. Also, the seals on the A/C system do like to be used as well to avoid dryout leaks.

At 94K, you might want to consider, if it hasn't been done already, checking the 02 sensor (usually at 60K) and the timing chain tensioner.

Drop an e-mail or PM if you need information about W201 tuning, modifications, the R/16 resistor, part sources, etc.
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