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Help Please: Code 26 on E320

My check engine light came on a few days ago. Thanks to this site, I was able to determine how pull the Code and attempt to investigate the fix, but could use some help.

Vehicle: 1994 E320
Mileage: 122k
Pulled Code 26: Shift Delay Valve

I read that I should get a mightly vac and detemine if the Shift Delay Valve holds vac. It does.

Next, I put the mightly vac on the green vac hose where it connects to the Shift Delay Valve (underhood). It does not hold vac. So I figure that it's either the green vac hose or the Shift Delay unit on the transmission.

Also, I disconnected the Shift Delay Valve underhood and bypassed the vacuum (i.e., I took the SDV out of the vacuum circuit). I read that if you bypass the valve underhood and the trans delays it's shift when cold, the Shift Delay valve underhood is bad. Well, no delay so again, I think the underhood valve is good.

Problem: How the heck do I check the vacuum hose and the delay unit on the trans? I can not even get my hand near it on the trans. It's too tight up there.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

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