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I had the same problem in my 96 c280 shortly after I purchased it. Having pulled fuel systems apart in the past and noticed lots of buildup on senders of cars that had sat for a while, I decided to try something on my car. I kept the tank full as much as possible. I would fill it with the best premium with Techron I could find and anytime I anticipated leaving it sit for more than a day I would fill it first right to the top. It worked. My fuel gauge no longer dips to zero. It would always do it at the same spot, roughly 60km into a full tank, so I was sure to keep it full above that. Apparently Shell fuels were bad for trashing senders and even after they said they had discontinued that additive they still continued to use it for some months after. There was a program just over a year ago to compensate people who could prove they had bought lots of Shell fuel and then required new senders. Try the full tank thing for a month or 2 and then see if you still need to spend money on parts.
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