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Hey Pomp:

A Great Big Congrats on your purchase. I am a proud new owner as well. I just bought a '97 E420 with 58,500 on it. I never thought I'd get something that new or with such low mileage, but here I am.

I drove a White '92 190E 2.6 to my high school prom and ever since then I've dreamed of owning a benz (that was ten years ago) It wasn't until a year ago that I saw an '87 560SEL for sale locally and drove it. WHAT A MISTAKE. Ever since then I've been completely obsessed. I went from wanting a 126, to a 140, to a 124, and then finally the 210.

My two cents? If you run into real trouble email Benzmac or one of the moderators who are actual techs. They know more than anyone I've ever discussed these cars with, including my local mechanics. Have Fun. Good Luck!
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