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Here it is....... 2.3-16. Opened up the fuel pump relay, no cracked solder, no burn marks. The engine just shuts off. Sometime when the key is turned when starting, no fuel pump noise. When that happens again, what terminals do I have to jump to start it without the fuel pump relay and OVP relay as well? (Just testing purposes.) By the way, the fuse on top of the OVP relay is good and the engine will run. It'll just shut off for no reason. If I bang on the fuel pump a couple time after it dies (the old hammer theroy), It'll start back up with little effort. Sometimes when I hit 3000 RPM, the engine will stutter. The car has less than 90,000 miles on it, could it be possible that I will need to replace my fuel pump? I have been getting worse milage but I have been having more fun than normal. Any info will be appreciated. Thanks.


190E 2.3-16
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