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300e diff ratio

I recently bought a 1993 300e with 277 000 km on the clock.
The car is in an excellent condition considering the high mileage.

Everything on the car is working except the cruise control, which according to what I've read on this site, is a common problem.

According to the previous owner the diff started humming about a year ago. It was replaced with a rebuilt unit.

Me problem is that this diff obviously has a different ratio from the original unit. The speedo is way out and the car wheel-spin very easily, even when it pulls off in second.

I've searched the site and read all the threads regarding diffs on this vehicle. As far as I can gather, the ratio should be somewhere on the diff housing. Where exactly will this be and what should I look for? I had a quick look this morning and all I could see was the part number and "1,5" on the left hand side of the housing.

The car is right-hand drive and presimable euro spec as I live in South Africa. The W124 was sold in this country in 200e, 230e, 260e, 300te and 300e configurations. The diff could have come from any of these models.

Any advice will be appreciated.
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