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It has been a concept of mine that it is real likely that the actual working part of most late model Hot Film air mass meters are of only a couple types.

I have started stocking 4 of the common ones and was real tempted to pull the removable insert out of one of them this week when I had a C230 M111 motor with a different one that we don't stock, come in.

I will do this one day and it will be easy to tell if it works. The same way I see if any of them work. I erase the self adaptation numbers and then drive it till it has readapted. If the calibration were much different it would be quickly apparant.

The various number are mostly not interchangable do to the vehicle specific nature of their mounting. I have baskets of these things laying around the shop and the removable insert appears to have a number of different airflow slots. but maybe only two or three different. This also doesn't only include MB. BMW, Volvo, maybe Saab, and VW have units that have very similar looking capsules.

Gonna try it one day.
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