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I have the same model and year. Had 2 or three things go wrong with the cooling system over a period of a month or two:

1) stress failure (I think) of aux fan fuse -- replaced fuse and hasn't reoccured
2) failure of temp sensor for aux fan prevented aux fan from coming on when it should -- replaced sensor
3) catastrophic failure of plastic neck of radiator -- replaced radiator and filled with the orange stuff

Been perfect ever since and runs much cooler now with the new radiator.

Had weird stuff happening with electrical system at some other time. Affected turn signals, radio, and gauges. Traced it down to two corroded ground points on the car chassis in the engine compartment. Cleaned and retighted and all cleared up. Read a tech note somewhere that said the connection should be spray painted to prevent future reoccurence. Next time I have a problem I'll do that.

Good luck with yours. I advise replacing the radiator before it goes. Cheap insurance.

Ken Fuller
1990 300E
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