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happy with guages?


Great site and documentation. As posted in another thread I'm getting ready to replace my compressor in about 2 weeks. A good friend will assist me and has been doing A/C for 20+ years. At our last attempt at working on an A/C system he was grumbling about his sticky old guages. The vacuum gauge would sometimes stick and not show a true reading. So I'm looking for a set of guages to give him as a thank-you for his many efforts.

Are you happy with the guages shown in your pictures? Anyone else have a recommendation?

I think I have the shopping list ready for the compressor replacement. New compressor, r/d, lots of flush, the o-ring kit to replenish my friend's supply. I'll check the A/C relay and other electricals this week-end as well to get ready.

A question to the general population... is there any special o-ring or gasket needed between the compressor (nippondenso ) and the manifold?

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