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I sold my 93 190E 2.6 since it had 188,000 miles for $16,750 (a good price I think.) I did let the 16" AMG replica wheels with 225/45/16 in the rear and 215/50/16 in the front go, K&N, The 3.2 Liter Conversion, with the AMG ground effects, Custom Borla Dual Exhuats, and my $2,000 stereo system.

I bought a used 93 190 2.6 again with 78,000 miles on it. Its bone stock except it has 205/55/15 on the stok wheels. I paid $11,500 and figured I got some money on the side to upgrade it.

I was wondering if anybosy knows if I can drop anything like the 4.2, 4.3, or 5.0 V8 (If I could drop in a 5.4 from the E55, now that would be sweet) into it without to much modification to the engine bay. I want the cheapest upgrade possible, basically a used or rebuilt engine, that would fit without to much custom fabrication which means more money. I figure it would cost $2,500 or so for one that is used or rebuilt, and cost maybe another $1,000 to put it in. I was thinking that it might be the cheapest to add maybe a 3.2 from the E320 since they were based on the same generation engines.

Then I want to upgrade the brakes, I want ones that will stop the car quickly, but I don't want to overkill and go add on extra weight. I was thinking the brakes from the 92-99 S-class. They seem to stop those 2 ton cars quite decently, and I am sure that there must be many of those parts available in the Junk yards or something.

Next, I would want to get Fender work done so I could fit tires wider than 225/45/16. I want to be able to stuff 245/35/18 on atleast 18x8.5 in there without rubbing. I would laso want the car lowered with a set of Eibach and thinnest pads Mercedes has.

One problem is the transmission. I have an auto in the car I just purchased, and want to drop a manual in there. I was thinking that maybe a one of the new 6-speeds available in the European Benzes might be able to fit in my car. If it won't then, I am open to alternatives. Maybe a used, European 5-speed might work?

Than, the ground effects. I guess I would get the Evolution Kit done. But I am looking for the cheapest kit to do it. I know Erebuni has the kits for $2,500. But I don't know how involved they are to do.

The biggest thing I would endup spending money for, is twin turbos. I think if I get an engine at a good price, and drop everyting in nicely, and still have room for Turbos or Twin Turbos, I would add them, and delay the my stereo upgrades.

I want the car to look as civilian as possible. I figure if I get a 3.2, I would be pushin 215hp right there. Once I add K&Ns, a little bore and stroke work, camshafts, and than Twin Turbos set at a 8.5 psi, and drop the compression from 10:1 to 8:1. I would be able to get another 175+hp without doing any major damage to the engine.

I figure it would cost $3,500 for the engine, another $1,500 for the turbos, another $200 for the brakes, $3,000 for the evolution kit, $500 for suspension, $1,500 for the tranny, and $2,000 for the wheels. In total, It should cot me about $12,500 plus $11,500 for the cost of my car and end up $25,000 for a 300hp+ engine that would do 0-60 in under 4.5 seconds. Thats cheaper, faster, sportier, and nicer than any Ford Cobra, BMW M3, or Chevy Vette (including the c5) and start competing with the Viper GTS.

Hell that would be the day!!

I am actually serious though about the upgrades. Pleae, if anybody knows anyplace where I can get these budget deals, Please post or E-mail me.

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