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Recommend you deoil (basiclly nonsudsing detergent [bottle of SHOUT spot remover] ) first. It only adds two steps since you'll be decalcifing afterwards. ANY residual scum/petroleum will interefere with the decalcifying solution.


Removing the thermostat can speed things. HOWEVER, you can crack a block in a heart beat so be mindful of the flushing and filling.

Concur with previous posts about opening the black drain plug.

Unsolicited thoughts: Fill with your favorite Anti-Freeze. I'm a fan of Mercedes-Benz anti-freeze and distilled (de mineralized) water with Red-Line water wetter. Most go 50/50 but I don't live in extreme winter area so I reduce the antifreeze side of the mix per the info on the bottle. Water is a better heat transfer medium than antifreeze. For a few extra bucks spent on MB fluid, I worry less (it has their anticorrosion package, neutral pH (almost)...).
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