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Have the parts guys look up the connector for the rear lights. I think it's the six pin, and that's the one you want. Been there, done that, but it was 15 years ago.

I recall that the connectors came as a kit that included the housing, cover, and pins (terminals), but if you can buy the parts separately, you only need the housing and cover. Then you swap the terminals from the four terminal housing to the six terminal housing. Also, I swapped the Euro side light assemblies for my orignal US side light assemblies, so I ended up with the Euro headlamp/fogs and US side light (amber lens) assemblies. The Euro side lights have a differnet lighting/wiring configuration as I recall.

After figuring out which terminal and pin were what circuit for both the US and Euro assemblies, I drew a brief wiring schematic and stashed it in the box with the original lamps, so I have a guide if I ever swap the US lamps back in.


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