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A Good suggestion for all you oil suckers

When you suck out the oil (I use an electric motor type because I use it on my boat motors and it's FAST!) park the car on a slight slope with the front of the car on the DOWN side. You will get more of the oil out than if the car is level! (I've tried both ways.) I figure that I get almost of the old oil out because when I refill with 8.5 quarts (per the book), the oil level is just Under the full mark when the car is back level. Also, since I changed to Rotella-T, the oil looks clean for the first 30 or so miles. I change the oil every 6 weeks (3000 mi.), so I wouldn't want to fight with the sound shields every time. ALSO, on another thread, someone unscrewed the drain plug After sucking out the oil and said that he didn't get a drop of oil out through the plug. And, yes, it's good to check under the car now and then.
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